Les Girls: Boys Will Be Girls Volume 01 No 04 (1981)

Les Girls: Boys Will Be Girls Volume 01 No 04 (1981)

Les Girls: Boys Will Be Girls Volume 01 No 04 February March April 1981
English | PDF | 48 Pages | 231 MB

Les Girls: Boys Will Be Girls Volume 01 No 04 Vintage Transsexual Porn PDF Magazine Including Rocio, Bambi, Holli White, Michelle, Danny LaRue, Kirk Weill, Sulka, Amanda Winters.

The art of female impersonation became an extremely popular form of nightclub entertainment in the United Slates just after the end of World War II. Although reigning in Europe prior to the war as a popular attraction, female impersonators rarely crossed the Atlantic to gain fame and recognition in the continental United States.

After the war, however, both sides of the Atlantic glorid in a new rash of superstars. Female impersonation became widely accepted as an art form, an entertainment that involved not only the talents of acting and singing, but also those of creating the illusion. The fifties and early sixties produced some of the true legends of female impersonation.

Performers whose following crossed oceans and whose performances delighted and astounded audiences throughout the world. Today, those performers who we see on the stages of female impersonation clubs throughout the world owe their success and their roots to these pioneers, these legends who brought the art of female impersonation to the level that it enjoys in today’s world. We at Les Girls thought it time to take another look at these superstars of the stage who made their mark nearly two decades ago in the clubs of Europe and America. We felt that you, our readers, would be interested not only in reviving their memories, but in finding out what they are doing today.


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