Leg Show Volume 01 No 06 (1963)

Leg Show Volume 01 No 06 (1963)

Leg Show Volume 01 No 06 (1963)
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Leg Show Volume 01 No 06 Porn Magazine From 60s Vintage PDF

The female lips may be possessed of the greatest beauty if they could arouse the Arabian poet tlatez who wrote: “Lips that outblush the ruby red, with luscious dews of sweetness fed.” Beautiful lips arc those which are soft, smooth, slightly moistened. A beautifully formed pair of lips in an attractive girl gives her a hedonistic air.

The law of exquisite beauty (harmony and proportion) requires that her mouth (that most expressive and eloquent feature of her face) shall be of medium size, but smaller in woman than in man, extending but little beyond the nostrils. The curve of the upper lip is said to have supplied ancient artists with the model for the bow of cupid. This curve extends beyond the lower lips.

It must, however, be more fully developed and rounded, turning outward so as to leave between it and the chin a gracefully curved hollow. The teeth must be small, slightly rounded and perfectly even and white. A beautiful and well-shaped pair of lips is stimulating to the emotions of the male. ‘I he lips possess a certain intimacy; they may be compared to other parts of her body such as the breasts, her thighs, rounded tummy, even her legs.

Men have always become stimulated by beautiful lips and probably always will. Even Mil-ton’s stern lyre was tuned to sweet songs about “the swain-tinctured lips.” Other poets have exaggerated the color of a girl’s lips which are normally pink and not ruby or venni!.


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