Leg Show September 1992

Leg Show September 1992

Leg Show September 1992
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Leg Show September 1992 magazine features photographs of women in nylons, corsets, pantyhose, stockings and high heels. Also features pinup style photographs and articles geared towards dominant women.

In Honor Of The Olympic Games Vicious Female Competition!
Athletes Feet!

It’s even more satisfying than I imagined. “I meet my dates in lesbian bars. I let them know right up front, I’m married and I’m dominant and if they have a thing against penetration they should let me know, because they will be penetrated. “I look for very feminine women, women like me in my day to day life.

It turns me on so much to knot my fist in a luxurious fall of hair and push a woman’s head down to my cunt. I make her eat me to orgasm to get my clit really sensitive before I strap on my black beauty. “I bought it in Germany, where they put artistry into their sex aids. When I put it on I mentally become a man, a very demanding, aggressive man.

Many lesbians will not take a cock or anything that resembles one in their mouths. That’s why I like to push their faces down on my cock, driving as much as I can down their throats. I want to feel their resistance, and then their submission to me. “I’ll make my woman give me her feet if they’re small and pretty, she on her back, her legs extended up my chest as I kneel and press my black cockhead to her lips.

When my toe sucking has made her wet and slick I plunge in, ramming my cock to the root. The base pushes against my clit, fueling my passion with each lunge. “Now I flip her over and pull her up on her pretty knees. I’m so close to cumming, my rubber balls almost feeling real. I feel that cum in there, eager to squirt out and fill her up, fill her tender, tiny, puckered ass.

“They all squeal or gasp or something when I push my cock into their assholes. No one can take that without a little noise. I like that. I work my whole shiny black length inside and start pumping. She whimpers, but pushes back against me, wanting that cramming I’m giving her. That’s what puts me over the top.

The power of fucking her in the ass and feeling her want it, even though she’d rip up any man who tried it. I cum so hard, grinding my clit against the back of the dildo, buried all the way up her. “So, what kind of woman am I? The kind who gets what she wants, and doesn’t give a damn what anybody thinks about it.”


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