Leg Show July 2000

Leg Show July 2000

This is a Leg Show Adult Magazine July 2000. The magazine is complete and in high quality scanned. You can enjoy it by reading in PDF format. Featuring Covergirl Kim Photographed by R.B. Kane, Older Woman’s Fetish Agony, Nurse Claire: “Prepare To Pump It My Way!”, Aunt Amanda’s Girdle Tease, Enslaved by Young Butt

“Just to see her cleaning in her sexless uniform inflames me. I know the ripeness concealed by that drab rag. I make her wear pantyhose on the job, though she would prefer to go bare-legged, because pantyhose concentrate the musk of her cunt. God, a year ago I’d never have called it a cunt, but there’s no other word for what Magda has between her strong peasant thighs.

This cunt of hers is a juicy, hairy, stinky thing that fills my mind all hours of the day and night. I’m in court, for god’s sake, when my client’s case is all I should think of and I’m so consumed with thoughts of Magda’s wet cunt I can smell it. I go through my days in exquisite anxiety, wanting only to get home to Magda and her reproachful eyes. What if she’s not there? I think. What if she rebuffs me?

I know she’s not a lesbian and there’s no hint that she shares my passion. In fact, there’s every indication that she feels about me and my need to sniff her soiled panties and to worship her perfect body the way I felt about my husband’s fetishism. And yet, not even her contempt dampens my desire, my consuming need for her. Is her contempt in truth the reason for my desire? I never saw masochistic urges in my nature …

Leg Show July 2000
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