Leg Show April 2000

Leg Show April 2000

Leg Show April 2000
English | PDF | 132 Pages | 354 MB

Leg Show April 2000 Porn PDF Magazine Including Leg Show, April 2000, Sex, Porno, SM, Strapse, Nylons, High Heels, Fußfetisch, Legs, Schuhfetisch, Masturbation, Erotik, Beine, Panty, Sexmagazin
Covergirl & Centerfold Shannon Photographed by Warren Tang
Lick It Clean! Persia’s Rear Command
The World Trample Tour
Eric Kroll: Post Fetishist

4 Just My Opinion Danglers Endangered
6 Leg Forum Letters
10 Carmen Stroke and Sniff
18 Home Photos 24 Kerri Foot Jerk Reaction
32 Persia Lick It Up
40 Masturbation Air Fiction by Greta Pommer
44 Svetlana Beneath Me
52 Franco’s Foot Follies
54 Eric Krol: Post-fetishist Kachina Knows No Inhibition
60 Shannon Cumming on Strong
68 the Summer of ‘99 Trample Tour By the Human Rug
70 Ursula & Misty Spider Meets the Fly
78 the Doctor Is In Fiction by J. Muso
82 Pauline, Somewhere in New York Presents Colleen From Niagara Falls
89 Barbara Bottoming Out
97 Glimpse The Scent of You
104 Caught in the Act Sandra, Portland, Or
106 Personal Please Unclassified Ads

“Pity the poor woman on top. When I was a humble executive with this firm men buzzed about me like bees to a flower. With my connections and education It didn’t take long for me to rise in the corporation, though, rising above the men who once chased me. I say once, because when a woman becomes a man’s superior his sexual interest moves elsewhere. I’m still beautiful. still feminine, and just twenty six years old, but suddenly I can’t get a date. I shared my problem with an older woman at work. She sympathized, told me this afflicts all powerful women and then gave me a business card.


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