Leg Action April 1995

Leg Action April 1995

Leg Action April 1995
English | PDF | 71 Pages | 86 MB

Leg Action April 1995 Vintage PDF Porn Magazine Includes:
Covergirl & Centerfold Paris
Playground Peep Show: Down the Slide, Up the Dress
Crunch & Crush: As the Cookie Crumbles Under Her Heels
The Big Nasty: Sweet Girls with Bad Attitudes

Our “Peep Show” photographer really lucked out last week. He got these incredible shots of this hot blonde having a “play” day. We’ll let him tell how he happened to snap these winning pictures. it was a beautiful morning. The sun was shining, the air was fresh and clean and I had just gotten a new zoom lens for my camera. A perfect day to call in sick…and I did.

“I loaded my camera, hopped into my car and began driving around the neighborhood looking for… some interesting subjects to shoot. Two hours later all I managed to capture on film was a stray dog peeing by a hydrant and a cute crossing guard adjusting her stockings. The guilt of taking off from work began to raise its ugly head when it happened. I was driving past the playground when I spotted this leggy blonde sitting on the swings slowly rocking back and forth. This was a photo-op I couldn’t pass up.


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