LAFF October 1945

LAFF October 1945

LAFF October 1945
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LAFF October 1945 Retro PDF Magazine. It’s October 1945, Japan has just surrendered and, months before that, the Axis powers were defeated – the Soviet army marched on Prague and the war was officially over. So, what to do? Naturally, it’s time to celebrate with a glass of Scotch and a magazine.

Pictured is Sally O’Neil – an actress who was pretty damn successful during the Silent Era. She appeared in about 40 films, and was top billed for most of them. Sadly, with the end of the silent film, Sally didn’t fair to well with the “talkies” and she developed stage fright. Her movie career was washed up by the 1930s, but she still performed for the military during WWII and in the theater. She died of pneumonia in 1968 at the age of 59.

The remainder of the ten dollar bill goes to: lunch, a corsage, a merry-go-round ride, a prize and then a novelty photograph. Man – you could do a lot with ten dollars in 1945… kind of depressing! According to this story, a trio of chorus girls from the Latin Quarter got stuck indoors during a thunderstorm and got hungry… eventually deciding to kill and eat one them…. which, I suppose, would be charming and cute if it weren’t so damn disturbing!


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