Lady Fuck Volume 03 No 10 (1984)

Lady Fuck Volume 03 No 10 (1984)

Lady Fuck Volume 03 No 10 (1984)
English, German, French, Dutch | PDF | 74 Pages | 68 MB

Lady Fuck Volume 03 No 10 Vintage Classic Porn Magazine PDF For People Who Love Sex

Nothing special Claude and Hans had in mind when they chatted up a young housewife in the supermarket. They just wanted to fuck a little and they were lucky, the horny woman wanted just the same. And so they’re right in the middle of fucking now.

Maybe only ten or twenty times Claude has moved his fat cock to and fro inside her cunt as a first climax hits the woman and makes her scream and shout with lewdness and lusty desire. And they’ve only just started fucking.

In turns the lads fuck this woman, who even is married, to pieces now. Her moaning tells that she wants, needs and is getting more and more. This female is insatiable.

Right up to her uterus she gets those stiff shafts driven. If it went any deeper she, with no doubt, would demand — and get it. This kind of fucking doesn’t leave room for extravagant things; fucking is on and that’s it.

If there’s one thing Gerlinde just can’t bear then it’s soft porn productions. You either fuck it or leave it, her motto goes. Having a look at her dripping holes you have no hesitation in believing her. Gerlinde loves fucking hard, fast and with all extras. She likes spunk, sweat and cunt juice mixing and making her body shine and smell.


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