Knockers & Nipples Volume 07 No 01 (1981)

Knockers & Nipples Volume 07 No 01 (1981)

Knockers & Nipples Volume 07 No 01 September October November 1981
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Knockers & Nipples Volume 07 No 01 September, October, November, 1981, is published 4 times a year by American Art Enterprises, Inc., 12011 Sherman Rd., North Hollywood, CA 91605. It is produced and distributed as adult entertainment aimed at illuminating ongoing changes in current patterns of societal behavior with the view that the picturing and displaying of the unclothed human body is deserving of increased acceptance in our contemporary culture. All rights reserved on entire contents of this issue; nothing may be reprinted in whole or in part without written permission from the publisher.

Copyright ® 1981 by American Art Enterprises, Inc. Manuscripts and illustrations must be accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope; the publisher cannot assume responsibility for the safe return of unsolicited material. We do not release any information about, or sell photographs of, any model appearing in this magazine. Any similarity between persons living or dead and the characters named in fiction or semi-fiction is entirely coincidental. All photographs in this magazine, except those of public figures, are posed by professional models who are over eighteen years of age, and neither the photographs nor the words accompanying them describe, or are meant to be understood as, the actual personality of the models.

Distributed exclusively by Parliament News, Inc., 12011 Sherman Rd.. North Hollywood, CA 91605. PRINTED IN THE U.S.A.

KNOCKERS & NIPPLES isn’t all Melissa Ann has to boast about. She’s a hard worker, a skilled private secretary with seven hours toward a journalism degree and she says she craves men with long, fat cocks and. small, tight butts. The smaller the buns, she says, the tighter the fit when she rams her hot tongue deep into her lover’s hungry butt! Although Melissa claims not to be a nymphomaniac, she says a kiss from a certain man can cause her panties to melt at her feet. When questioned as to what type of certain man it would take to melt her panties, she merely smiles and licks her lips.

Foreplay, Melissa admits, is her forte. She insists that she’s a bonafide cum freak. Her favorite snack is munching down on a lover’s limp cock after a passionate love session. Nothing, Melissa says, tastes better than a cum-covered cock, unless it’s her lover’s finger coated with her pussy juices!


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