Knockers & Nipples Volume 01 No 07 (1978) UK Version

Knockers & Nipples Volume 01 No 07 (1978) UK Version

Knockers & Nipples Volume 01 No 07 (1978) UK Version
English | PDF | 56 Pages | 77.7 MB

Knockers & Nipples Volume 01 No 07 PDF Totally dedicated to Roberta Pedon as Robin

All in all, Robin has made a great transition from student to instructress. There isn’t much about living that she needs to learn anymore. She knows that getting along with others is very important. She’s pleasant and thoughtful. But she’s also full of the joy of living. She bounces merrily through every day of her full life.

Robin has no trouble getting dates. She has a line of men just waiting for a share of her favors. And, because she’s such a thoughtful person, she has women friends, too. But, being all female, she particularly loves to devote her evenings to her male visitors. She knows how to make the dark hours exciting and memorable.

But all of Robin’s time is not spent on her research. She loves to swim as much now as she did in college, and she’s purchased a house with a pool so she can indulge her tastes. Robin usually does her own cleaning, though she isn’t opposed to accepting help from someone of the “stronger” sex who offers to assist her.

Robin thinks that a gal who has outstanding female characteristics is more willing than a flat-chested girl to accept a strong, masculine partner. She theorizes that a very feminine gal might be less worried about being equal to men. Such a gal, Robin believes, may be perfectly content to be unaggressive, but affectionate.

To check out her theory, Robin is questioning all the students in the classes she teaches. She asks the gals about their attitudes toward women’s rights and queries the fellows about the way they get along with their dates. Then she makes a psychological profile of each student and notes the breast development of every gal.


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