Knave Volume 19 No 06 (1987)

Knave Volume 19 No 06 (1987)

Knave Volume 19 No 06 (1987)
English | PDF | 131 Pages | 239 MB

Knave Volume 19 No 06 PDF Porn Magazine Including Fire! Knave Hits The Target!, The Knave Interview From Runaway To Castaway Lucy Irvine

This is the bit where we take ourselves even less seriously than in the rest of the magazine. As well as looking at o crimple of every girl in the issue (and using the ‘caught ott guard’ shots where available) our mon propping up the bar at the Grievous Bodily Arms. W.F. Guttersnipe. delves into the drivelling depths of the so-called ‘girlie blurbs’ and tells the sordid truth about the thirty-strong team of addle-brained hierophants who stand in for an infinite number of monkeys and write them. From the Senior Arch-blurb-Director to the Boy On A Youth Training Scheme Who Fills In When The Assistant Vice-deputy Blurb Researcher Is Having An Acne Attack, from El Gutto the obese Editor to El Blotto his tosspot assistant — all are libelled in equal and fearless measure.

Polly is, of course, very pretty. And so is her parrot which she calls, not unnaturally, Annunciata. Polly declined all offers to sit on my shoulder or indeed any other part of my anatomy — still, there’s no accounting for lack of taste. In a desperate bid to win Polly’s favour I tried to get her to fill in one of Knave’s infamous model’s questionnaires — especially the section asking for reasons why she shouldn’t come nude sunbathing in my bedroom. On reflection, I can see that it was probably not the wisest of moves. I’m still not sure whether she said ‘pieces of eight or ‘piss off mate’.

According to the Assistant Editor, Aileen’s love of vivid hues extends as far as multi-coloured condoms. Be that as it may, she just loves this country. She managed to find a whole bunch of kindred spirits in our art room (in I itself quite an accomplishment — all I can ever find in there are discarded white sticks, sleeping guide dogs, and a Braille notice which reads ‘If you don’t like it, fuck off!’).


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