Kingsize International Vol 01 No 08 (1976)

Kingsize International Vol 01 No 08 (1976)

Kingsize International Vol 01 No 08 (1976)
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Kingsize International Vol 01 No 08 (1976) Vintage Porn PDF Magazine Published By Parliament News, INC Featuring Models Elaine Collins, Roxanne Brewer, Cover Model is Karen Brown, Lora is Missy Dell

EDITORIAL It’s our Bicentennial. It’s a good time to remember that “Our liberties we prize and our rights we shall maintain,” applies to what you choose, insisting on your constitutional rights. The Constitution guarantees your right to make your own choice of what you want to read, to view, to enjoy—and it all started here 200 years ago. The fight for our freedom wasn’t limited to native Americans.

To many who loved America, who helped us fight and win our independence, we owe a great debt—to LaFayette, Von Steuben, Pulaski, to name only a few of the’ “foreigners” who helped make our Bicentennial possible by fighting when things were tough. Not all of our foreign help was in deeds.

Some of the most important help was in concepts. A great source of ideas was Voltaire, the brilliant French novelist, playwright and essayist, considered the wisest man of Europe. You’ll find his thoughts in many places. One often chiseled in stone on libraries, schools and public buildings and emblazoned on the mastheads of news-papers is, “I disapprove of what you say but I will fight to the death for your right to say it.”


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