Jem Volume 01 No 04 May 1957

Jem Volume 01 No 04 May 1957

Jem Volume 01 No 04 May 1957
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Jem Volume 01 No 04 May 1957 Retro Adult PDF Magazine Including A Treasure Chest Of Rare Spice And More …

Avery good friend of ours, who happens to lisp, maintains that our motto, “A Treasure Chest of Rare Spice,” does not do justice to our magazine. “What you should say,” he insists, “is, ‘JEM—Loaded wiv Kawats fowah Hungwy Wabbits.’

” He might have a point, at that. At the time this is being written, a song titled Throw Mama Out the Window is all the rage on juke boxes and other instruments of torture. This song does not, as one might presume from the title, advocate matricide, but is a just too cute arrangement of words as they are spoken by the Plain People of Pennsylvania, more commonly known as the Pennsylvania Dutch.

The song actually urges that you throw throw mama out the window a kiss as the train bears you away from her apron strings into the wide, wide world of adventure.

Thus began a marathon striptease which has persisted through twenty-one Presidential elections, two major wars and a stock market crash, to say nothing of mahjong and interlocking jigsaw puzzles. The news spread like wild fire, and in no time at all every woman in the country was busy twitching hell out of her skirts, and the streets were filled with men raising their voices in a caca-phony of obscene “Wahoos.”

By 1876, however, the sight of a trim ankle had lost its allure. The frenzied “Waboos” petered out into yawns of boredom. The men, turning to other fields for excitement, took to reading poetry and pressing pale flowers between the pages of thick books. The marriage rate dipped alarmingly.


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