Jaguar June 1969

Jaguar June 1969
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Jaguar June 1969 PDF Porn Magazine Entertainment For Men, Pin-Ups & Glamour Photography.

Just thinking about Angelina was enough to send Barry’s temperature soaring. From the top of her head with its cascades of thick, black hair to the tips of her size feet, she was everything Barry could want in a woman. But it was what lay in between that really set Barry off. Angelina had the face of an angel and a body that was calculated to bring out the devil in any man.

Barry had been dating her for six months now, and he was no closer to getting her into bed than he had been the first day he’d met her It wasn’t for lack of trying on Barry’s part that Angelina was still virginal. She was very nice about it, but very firm. “No ring, no hanky-panky.” Added to the fact of Angelina’s resistance were her three brothers, Pete, Mike, and Joe.

Pete and Mike were burly longshoremen, capable of breaking any guy who got fresh with Angelina into little pieces with their bare hands. But Joe. the oldest, was the one who really put fear into Barry’s heart. Joe made no bones about his connections with the “boys.” Every time Barry came to call on Angelina, Joe managed to drive up in his big limousine, a hard-eyed chauffeur at the wheel.


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