Hustler USA September 1989

Hustler USA September 1989

Hustler USA September 1989 Vintage For Men Porn Magazine PDF Featuring Covergirl Courtney Photographed by James Baes. Check More Issues From Hustler USA In Our Site!

Aids-Infected Prisoners: A Sinister Plan To End Crime?
Gang Rape! Satanic Rituals! -Geraldo?
The Key To Fantastic Sex!
“Don’t Get Mad, Get Vicious” America’s Love Affair With Revenge
7 Bits & Pieces Sperm Warfare? Mental Floss? More! Edited by Mike Ferris
15 Erotic Entertainment Edited by Mike Ferris
22 Sex Play: Fantasies—The Key to Fantastic Sex by Jake Bartlett
26 AIDSWatch: The View from the Rock Garden by Joseph Henslik
29 Hot Letters
32 Revenge! Article by J.R. Nelson
36 Courtney: Self-Service Covergirl Photography by James Baes
46 Sapphic Sex-Spa Photography by Clive McLean
55 Marisa: Beach Bon-Bon Centerfold Photography by James Baes
64 HUSTLER Humor Edited by Susan Tinsley
66 The Real Wild West Article by Mark Crane
70 Victoria Paris in “Hosing Down at Dick’s Drive Thru” Photography by Matti Klatt
81 Beaver Hunt Girls-Next-Door Show Snatch

Probably the only angel that ever got into John Holmes was the lingering, inexorably wasting, pitiless angel of death, but John would be edified to know that his cock lives on. These selections from a long and prolific career, many on film featuring femmes every bit as irretrievably parted from this vale of cum as dead Holmes, were mostly shot when the Wadd’s wang throbbed with a steady pumping of HIV-negative blood. Back then, monster-dick Holmes’s T-cell count was probably higher than his prick length in inches, ICI, age and number of friends combined.

Hustler USA September 1989
English | PDF | 122 Pages | 34 MB


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