Hustler USA October 1986

Hustler USA October 1986

Hustler USA October 1986 PDF Retro Sex Magazine Featuring America’s Sex Change: Is There a New Morality?, X-Film ‘Lust on the Orient X-Press’, The Man Who Captured U.S. Nuclear Plants, Centerfold Jet Setter Nicole from France. Some pages are removed by original scanner. All models are +18 years old or more!

I’m a waiter in an expensive Manhattan restaurant, with an almost all-male service staff. The single exception is a sexy bartender named Wendy. Each of us at the restaurant had tried to get into her pants from time to time, but she consistently refused to go out with any of us. That is until one special night. Wendy is a member of an amateur community theater group and was having an end-of-show party on her night off. She lives near the club and invited all the waiters who were working that night to the party after the restaurant closed.

We all got there rather late, and the party was almost over. There were only three or four people left, but there was a half-keg of beer left over. So me and three others from the restaurant settled in to finish off the brew. While we were out on the patio drink-ing beer, Wendy came out and told us that everyone else had left, but we were welcome to stay and finish the beer while she got ready for bed. She was drunk and having trouble staying on her feet. When she turned to go back into the house, she stumbled and fell.

Rising and steadying herself, she turned to us and said, “On second thought, why don’t y’all come help me get ready for bed?” We all gave each other quizzical looks as she went back into the house. I finally said, “What do you suppose she meant by that?” Someone answered, “Let’s go find out.” And we all trooped into the house. Wendy was standing in the hall waiting for us. Frank was the first one to reach her, and he began to unbutton her blouse. Kent went around behind her, re-moved her blouse and unsnapped her bra. Oscar knelt down and removed her shoes. As she unzipped her jeans and began wiggling them down her hips,

Hustler USA October 1986
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