Hustler USA March 1988

Hustler USA March 1988

Hustler USA March 1988 Vintage PDF Porn Magazine Featuring Covergirl & Honey of the Month Centerfold Angela Baron Photographed by Clive McLean
German Sex Star Angela Baron Nude!
Foot Lust: Latest Fetish
New Sexual Turn-Ons Of ’88
Special! Readers’ Unusual Sex Accounts

5 Feedback
8 Sex Play: Feet-Nomenon by Jonny M. Duffy
13 Hot Letters
17 Bits & Pieces Menstrual Cycle, Bush Pins . . . and More Edited by Mike Ferris
23 HUSTLER Erotic Entertainment Edited by Mike Ferris
30 AIDS: The Media Disease Report by Gene Staples, Ph.D.
34 Hootin’ Annie: Party Princess Photography by James Baes
44 Turn-Ons of ’88 Update by Dale Ashmun
52 Angela Baron: Masterfully Racy Centerfold Photography by Clive McLean
64 HUSTLER Humor Edited by Dwaine and Susan Tinsley
66 Computerized Big Brother Article by Ron Chepesiuk
70 Going for Broke Photography by Ladi von Jansky
79 Beaver Hunt
82 Surf Bored Photography by James Baes

Demonstrating a willingness to go to any length in the pursuit of prurience, the intrepid smutmongers at Collector’s Video trekked clear out to Battle Mountain, Nevada, a piece of nowhere five hours northeast of Reno on Interstate 80, to shoot connecting segments in the bar areas of two legal brothels. (They were featured in the April ’87 HUSTLER article “Cathouse Etiquette.”)

Hustler USA March 1988
English | PDF | 122 Pages | 36 MB


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