Hustler USA July 1996

Hustler USA July 1996
English | PDF/JPG | 162/172 Pages | 74 MB

Hustler USA July 1996 Vintage Porn PDF Magazine, Also Including All Sets From Website Releases In High Quality

Larry Flynt interviewed by Aaron Lee
Hustler Celebrates 22 Years Of Freedoms Worth Fighting For
Max And Erica: Beach Blanket Bunghole
Marla: Eager Beaver

5 Bits & Pieces
The Gospel According to Pat Buchanan The Seven-Word Bitch
Edited by Aaron Lee
11 Feedback Readers Hurl Missives
12 21st Century Flynt
Larry Flynt on HUSTLER, Hollywood and How to Save the Country
Interview by Aaron Lee
21 Erotic Entertainment
The Making of a Gang-Bang Girl
Edited by Evan Wright
35 Hot Letters
Dark Meat for a White Girl
41 Sex Play
Readers Remember: “My First HUSTLER”
by Alex Marvel
46 Max and Erica: Beach
Blanket Bunghole
Photography by Clive McLean
54 Pro Boxing’s Brothers Grim
Quarry Family Values
Dynasty Profiled by Robert Mladinich
60 Pamela: Aces High
1995 Beaver Hunt Grand Prize Winner
Photography by Matti Klatt
70 Marla: Eager Beaver
Centerfold Photography by Clive McLean
80 HUSTLER Humor
Edited by Evan Wright
82 Tails of Trade
Porn Does Big Business at the CES
Report by Mack Assarian
86 Dana: The Fire Inside
Photography by Matti Klatt
94 Lexus and Tori: Two-Part Harmony
Photography by James Baes
102 HUSTLER in the Future
A look at HUSTLER in the year 2018
113 Beaver Hunt
Neighborly Wives Bare Their Holes


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