Hustler USA January 1990

Hustler USA January 1990

Hustler USA January 1990
English | PDF | 138 Pages | 34 MB

Hustler USA January 1990 Vintage PDF Porn Magazine Including:
Covergirl & Honey of the Month Centerfold Veronica Photographed by Matti Klatt
Lips That Live To Swallow: Mouth-Watering Pix Inside
S.W.A.T. Killers: Cop Trainer Reveals Special Unit’s Deadly Mistakes
Exclusive! Annette Haven Returns From The Porn Grave . . . and She’s Namin’ Names!
The Kinkiest, Wildest, Raunchiest Sex Toys We Know; We Tested Them!

5 Feedback Everybody’s Got an Opinion
6 Annette Haven: A Piece of Class Photo-Interview by Jon Mescal
13 Bits & Pieces Finger-Lickin’ Good Bimbozo Buttux! More! Edited by Mike Ferris
21 Erotic Entertainment X-Pix Panned and Praised Edited by Mal O’Ree
28 Sex Play: Are We Having Sex Yet? by Veronica Vera
33 Hot Letters Readers Write; We Writhe
36 Murder by S.W.A.T. Team Report by Jim Shults
40 Inga: Swedie Pie Photography by Suze Randall
50 Between a Cock and a Hard Place Photography by Matti Klatt
60 Veronica: Luxury Model Centerfold Photography by Matti Klatt
72 HUSTLER Humor Edited by Dwaine and Susan Tinsley
74 Sex Toys Shopping Spree Consumer Test by Allan MacDonell
79 Kim Counts Photography by James Baes
89 Beaver Hunt Hometown Honeys, Sweet and Sticky
130 Ugly George’s Chicks-of-the-Month Sinema Verita©
132 AIDSWatch: Fucking With Mr. XXX-Stars and AIDS by Larry Wichman


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