Hustler Erotic Video March 1994

Hustler Erotic Video Guide March 1994

Hustler Erotic Video Guide 90’s Porn Magazine PDF Covergirl Felecia Wide-Open, Wally’s Whack World, Mistresses At War, Goddess Sondra. You Can Found Many More Hustler Issues In Our Site And Download Them For Free, So You Can Enjoy Them In High Quality PDF Or Start Your Collection With Retro/Vintage Porn Magazines …

We all know that porn queens fuck for a living, a career choice that makes them unwelcome at polite society garden parties, but what else do we know? Whenever one of our staff gets close enough to a smut squack to ask, the only question he’s truly interested in having the answer to is. “Will you fuck me?’ Consequently, being so focused on what’s between their legs we seldom get a peek at what’s between their ears. When we met Sarah-Jane Hamilton we decided to treat her as an “adult-film actress,” instead of the gang-banging. cum-eating. G-spot squirting fuck monster her videos reveal her to be and not ask her anything about sex. To make it easier to be so upstanding, we hired an outside writer to do the interview. Hamilton’s credits include Steam, The Second Cumming of Sarah-June, Rain Woman, The British Are Coming.

You’ll enjoy the unusual plethora of insertion shots— very rare, and a big turn-on to this reviewer. The Assmaster finally jerks off in Sahara’s face. The last scene, featuring pert-bodied Natalia, is an outdoor poolside encounter with a cocksuck, finger-fuck, titty-fuck, ass-fuck formula that is sometimes lost in the sun and the contrasting shadows. I am anxious to see more of this little Natalia, but maybe not quite so much more of the Assmaster. I asked for it.

Out of sheer boredom I told Mallory I wanted to review more kinky stuff and now I’ve got it in spades with the latest release from Sinclair Blue entitled Rubber Foot Slave. Greta Carlson, Nordic slut extrordinaire, lovingly shines her master’s latex leggings with Armoral. Her pale, well-rounded body contrasts with Anthony Lawton’s dark and dreary dungeon that’s even equipped with a blue coffin. Master Anthony, a debauched Jonathan Price-type, never raises his voice and never whips his slave girl.

Hustler Erotic Video March 1994
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