Hotbox Titters No 01

Hotbox Titters No 01

Hotbox Titters Porn Magazine Featuring Sharon Wise as Toni Cover From Knockout Publications, Mary Anne as Cathy, Lori Groneman as Denise And Rosemary Lorenz as Mara

“I’m a good, piece of ass.” “When I spot a man I want, I just walk up to him and tell him so. I give him a big hug and a good wet kiss, rib my tits up against his chest. If he doesn’t respond, I Just go after his cock. I never net one yet who didn’t respond to that. When I get his clothes off, I go for his prick, suck it right up into my hot mouth, let him know I mean business. Most men like to suck on my tits, and I like it, too.

I’ve had more than just a few orgasms that way, without even having my pussy touched. Then I sit on his face, let him drive his tongue up my snatch and suck on my clit. I juice a lot, and I We to see it shining on his face. I like to lick it off his face after I come. Then I’m ready to fuck.” One of Denise’s favorite tricks is to let her man fuck her between her tits and suck him off at the same time.

The longer the cock, the better she likes it. I like a man to be big enough to get down my throat while he’s stroking my tits. When he starts throbbing real hard and I know he’s about to juice I spit him out and let him come on my chest. Then I rub it in reel good, maybe scoop some up and use it like Vaseline to rub myself off. I tell him to start jerking and get it up again ’cause I’ll be ready for him as soon as I get myself off. “One Of my favorite things is to get fucked and have my tits sucked at the same time. Want to try It?” At sit! I guess the interviews over.

Hotbox Titters No 01
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