Hot Girls Who Love to Fuck (1982)

Hot Girls Who Love to Fuck (1982)

Hot Girls who Love to Fuck (1982) (Gourmet)
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Hot Girls Who Love to Fuck (1982) Vintage Porn Magazine Featuring HARD JOB After three straight hours of making repairs on their new apartment, Kim and. John were due for a little break. Before John could get off the ladder, Kim had his fly down and was working on his long stiff pecker.

After sucking and licking John’s thick piece of sex meat, Kim invited him into the bedroom for some more repairs! Kim was on the bed with her ass facing him. John knelt behind her, working his big juicy prick between the cheeks of her ass then down to her fiery pussy. Kim came quickly as he fucked her deep, driving his stiff meat into her like a burning steel rod of hot love!

Alex met Marie on the tennis court. They have been seeing each other for three years now. Relaxing on the couch in his modest home after a strenuous match, Alex’s cock began to stiffen just thinking how great Marie looked out on the court. In no time at all Alex’s big dick was stiff and quivering like it meant business! Marie wasn’t one to waste time when she saw what was happening, and started to suck the knobby head of his dick which made the cream boil in his balls!


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