Hot Delight No 06 January 1988

Hot Delight No 06 January 1988

Hot Delight No 06 January 1988 (Silwa)
English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish | PDF | 68 Pages | 133 MB

Hot Delight No 06 Published By Silwa From 80s Porn PDF Magazines The Super Sex Magazin With The Most Brillant Pictures. Model (on cover) was called Antonia Burton-Smythe, Brunette (in first story) is Christine Black, Jill (in “Lovin’ Sports”) is Bunny Bleu.

Our video fans are in the city again, looking for interesting subjects. Vera and Claudia fancy their idea and offer themselves as models. “We want to make a real movie with you,” Klaus explains. The girls, however, think of nothing else but the two cocks that are still hidden in the trousers.

The two girls bath their bodies in the wonderful warm spunky fluid. They have attained their desires!

Of course it means big fun for me to watch horny girls roll about on the floor of my boutique, grabbing for the cocks of my male customers. When the birds are a little too shy I urge them to get down to the business. I never close the door to my boutique when we have a gangbang. That makes the atmosphere more arousing. Every-body can come in and see the randy cunts and cocks. And give me a sweet kiss …


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