HindSight (1971)

HindSight (1971)

HindSight (1971)
English | PDF | 32 Pages | 52 MB

HindSight (1971) Vintage Porn PDF Magazine is a featured publication of Tudor House Publications THP Vibracolor, Baltimore, Maryland.

HINDSIGHT is produced to standards for excellence that equates Tudor House Publications with exacting standards for quality reproduction. No effort is spared in achieving this goal through the unique process known worldwide as THP VIBRA-COLOR. What does it mean?

It means our pictures are not just printed; they’re reproduced in a broad range of exciting, vivid, striking hues that add vitality to pictures of the nude form. Furthermore, they’re printed on specially selected papers and worked to finishes so lusterous and unusual, they’re even exciting to touch! Beware of imitations; Insist on publications bearing the Tudor House Trademark . . . your guarantee of excellence.

As interest in the breasts has declined, fascination with the posterior anatomy has shown a remarkable increase. Full, fleshy, yet firm, the buttocks of modern women have become the focal point of undivided male attention. Much of the credit for this frenzied interest can be leveled at women themselves.

They seemingly go out of their way to accentuate their hind-quarters often going as far as to shrink their jeans to make them fit tighter. With targets so fair, is it any wonder girl watchers zero in on these well encased assets?


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