High Society October 1983

High Society October 1983

High Society October 1983
English | PDF | 70 Pages | 115 MB

High Society October 1983 Vintage PDF Adult Magazine Including:
Covergirl Charlene (Nude) photographed by Jaye Stephens
Wide World of Spurts: 7 Sexy Sports Buffs
World’s Most Bizarre Sexual Hazards
Sloppy Seconds: Horny Whore Begs For More!
Virgin Sacrifice: Forbidden Photos!

A REAL FAST learner, 21-year-old Denise dawns she was ice skating before she could walk and fucking before she finished school—both thanks to a lifelong playmate whose name is a house-hold word to major league hockey fans. This musky. Minnesota-born muffin still sees her superstar ‘tamale occasional/7r. but as a hot-blooded hockey groupie. her net’s always wide open to any stud with a stick.

“I’m partial to forwards—but I dig it backwards, tool” she jokes “And I bet my phone number has been scrawled on plenty of locker room walls” Violence. a constant player in hockey, is the ultimate turn-on for Denise. “I like to be manhandled by a Oil horny guy who throws me around and fucks me every which way.” she Says while spreading her glistering goal box. “I can take the most brutal check and bounce back begging for him to bang me harder.” Sounds like a great incentive for any man to shoot and score.


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