Hi-Life Volume 01 No 05 May 1959

Hi-Life Volume 01 No 05 May 1959

Hi-Life Volume 01 No 05 Articles For Men Only, Humor For Men Only, Fiction For Men Only And – For Men Only – Gals!, Exclusive: Robot Cupids And Your Love Life!

Women think they are never prettier than when they’ve just left the beauty parlor. But men—those in France, at least—are never more attracted by the charms of their conquests than when these get out of bed, the disarray of their nightgown revealing a lovely bosom, and their hair still in disorder. The Parisians have become sportswomen and their favorite sport is making love.

But whereas they used to be delicate and pale, they have now acquired muscles. You can be convinced of this by going to a stadium and watching two feminine teams in action. Since they now enjoy paid vacations, the working girls can go to the beaches. There the foreign tourist will discover for himself that not all beautiful Parisian bosoms have as yet been requisitioned by the movies. Let me sum up. Are they pretty?

Not all of them, naturally. I have seen more striking and more plastically perfect girls in Spain, in Italy and in the United States. But the Parisian women have a charm, a “je ne sais quoit’ that makes them all attractive. And what about their character, their temperament? Is it due to these that the Parisian woman is captivating, exceptional, irresistible? She is very lively, very gay, and teasing too.

Hi-Life Volume 01 No 05 May 1959
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