Harvey October 1984

Harvey October 1984
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Harvey October 1984 Vintage Porn Magazine PDF Featuring:
Back Door Brothers They Took My Chocolate Cherry!
Bound Gagged And Butt-Plugged One Woman’s Enema Ordeal
Rape Crazy Couples Swing Doc Shares The Shocking Facts
50 Girls Who Want Your Goo!

A FEMININE TOUCH Dear Inge,I felt funny about writing you until I saw a letter from a woman in your column. You see, I’m a woman, 38 years old. I’m not beautiful like you are, but I love beauty and live to worship it. I’ve been married for some years but always knew there was something wrong with me, that I wasn’t getting out of my marriage what a woman is suppose to. Then, about a year ago, I met a woman who showed me what the problem was. When Dottie moved in next door I thought for sure she was a fashion model. She was so tall, so blonde, so slender, and had the bones that only live in Vogue magazine. I couldn’t wait to get to know her, though I told myself it was only out of admiration for her beauty and the loneliness of being a housewife. It turned out she was a housewife too, with a husband who worked long hours and left her as lonely as I.


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