HardCore No 26 November 1987

HardCore No 26 rear end remedy and midas touch, plus more… a King-size magazine, featuring picture-stories specially selected from earlier magazines. This series has been designed to be a pleasure for your eyes, as well as your pocket. The real thing from Color Climax.

Robert’s wealth and the untold legions of women he’d seduced didn’t make him any less of a “cunt-hunter. He was simply addicted to pussy! His latest flame Candice, was as suceptible to his special charms as all the other women he’d seduced in his life… “I’m so glad you accepted my invitation to visit me…!” he breathed, cupping one of her breasts in his hand. Candice hardly heard him. She was already aroused, and immersed in the delights of fingering her slippery cunt. “Please, darling!” Robert implored her, “Won’t you suck my cock.. .I”

The atmosphere was charged with sexual elec. tricity. Robert eagerly fingered Candice’s moist, lubricated crack, whilst she gently wanked him and licked up and down his still shaft. His cock seemed to keep growing. falter and fatter! Robert couldn’t stand it any longer. “Come. Candice. my darling!” he growled, his voice tight with excitement, “I can’t stand it a minute longer … I must fuck your Candice willingly pushed her delightful bottom towards him so that he could enter her from behind.

HardCore No 26 November 1987
English, German, French | PDF | 68 Pages | 53 MB


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