Hanging Breasts No 02 (1988)

Hanging Breasts No 02 (1988)

Hanging Breasts No 2 (1988)
English | PDF | 64 Pages | 79 MB

Featuring Models:
Ebony Ayes as Stacy Scans 40 – 45
Rhonda aka Rona as Carol Cover & Scans 22 – 27
Diana = Mary Anne
Scans 34-39 ‘Helen’ = Nikki King

Delicious mounds of tittie, each one more than two handfulls. These are the type of ThingamaJugs that real men get all hot under the collar (and under the belt buckle) for. The hot dolls who appear in these pages have yards and yards of sweet boobs. They are the kind of babes who bounce when they jog, delighting every male who is lucky enough to grab a gander. They love the attention they get from the males they meet and like to rack out.

DENISE This blonde bombshell has a great pair of jugs and knows what to do with them. She’s not shy about her charms and hope you aren’t shy about coming on to her, either.

BARBARA She’s a computer operator who knows how to operate in a Yuppie fern bar, too. She dates almost every night and not too many of the dudes are disappointed. She shares.

JOANIE She is an Office Manager who likes to go to posh restaurants and discos. She loves to wear low cut dresses to show it all off. “If you got it, flaunt it,” she says.

CAROL This long-haired lass is looking for just the right man and has gone through quite a few dudes looking for Mr. Right. He has to be cool and know how to treat a lady—in bed.

ATHENA She has a thing about tall men but most of all she digs a dude who treats her right. She knows how to make a guy feel real good and loves to give a guy a Tit Job.

HELEN Long haired Helen hails from Maine but likes big city living. She likes to date all kinds of men, not just country fellas. She likes to go to art museums and adult motels.

STACY This “built” chick likes to have a man pop her bra and help himself to the goodies. She would like to work for an airline so she can travel and “try out new men.”

CANDI She loves to ski and adores making love in the snow or before a roaring fire in a ski lodge. She doesn’t like the beach although she gets raves when she puts on a skimpy bikini.

TAMMY Blonde and gorgeous, Tammy is popular with the guys she hangs around with. She likes fast cars and fast men. She’s a drag strip groupie and likes to ball the drivers.

DIANA This dark haired cutie loves to pose nude and is a part time model. She hopes to be in the movies but also loves her job running a theatre. She likes show biz and showing her bod.


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