Groupie No 07 (1985)

Groupie No 07 Vintage Porn Magazine Published In 1985 By Studio “S” Multimedia Waiblingen (Germany) Including Die Maler-Orgie, meine Karten prophezien mir Liebe, Ein geiles Trio.

“Do you come this evening to have a coffee with me?” asked Christine when she came at home after work and met the goodlooking Holger in the lift. Holger nodded, murmured something and left in the third floor. Since three months he already lived in the great appartment and he often saw Christine in the lift. After all, a sweetheart and a coffee was not bad and so at eight o’clock he rang the bell.

The water was already hot and after the first cup of coffee she proposed to play cards. He agreed but this evening she had no chance and lost every game. Suddenly she turned round to him. “I think I have more luck concerning love.”

She straddled her legs that he could look under her skirt. Holger understood at once. “If your cards predict love I will not be the killjoy” he laughed, embraced her and took off her dress. In the next moment he had his fingers at her cunt.

Groupie No 07 (1985)
English, German, French, Dutch | PDF | 68 Pages | 106 MB


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