Gent Volume 20 No 08 September 1979

Gent Volume 20 No 08 September 1979

Gent Volume 20 No 08 September 1979
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Gent Volume 20 No 08 September 1979 is published monthly by Dugent Publishing Corp. Copyright ©1979 by Dugent Publishing Corp.

Covergirl & Centerfold Margret
Are You Too Jealous to Swing?
Some Not-So-Motherly Advice from Uschi Digard
More of June Williams
Some Tips on How to End a Relationship

Ann Stephens as Maya Singh Scan 6
Joanne Latham as June Wilkinson Scans 9 – 11
Uschi Digard Scans 12 – 15
Ursula as Rita Scans 18 – 21
Daisy Beauvine as Nilia Scans 32 – 37
Lisa De Leeuw as Margret Cover & Scans 47 – 55
Dori Cormier Scan 4
Nanette Shelter Scan 59 (left)
Michelle Webber Scans 62 – 67
Julia Winger as Lori Scans 70 – 73
Nanette Shelter (left side of page 59)
Angel Cash (bottom of page 61) on right side.

Inside You Will Found:
Our mailman is mad at us. For that. we can thank Uschi. And we do mean “thanks.- It seems that after Uschi’s first column appeared last month, a lot of you loyal readers out there took pen to paper and fired off a mountain of mail to our favorite sex symbol.

Well, the poor mailman has gotten round shouldered from toting the avalanche of missives. Already letters have come in from all 50 states, and Canada. So you can understand why he isn’t happy. Or. we should say, wasn’t happy.
His mood suddenly brightened. It brightened when we offered him his very own life-size photo of Uschi, fully nude, and autographed.

Now when he comes in, he’s not only huffing, but smiling. Just as we are. And should be. After all your response shows us that you’re delighted with our newest ”staffer,- and when you’re happy we’re happy.

But who wouldn’t be. with the sexsational and scintillating Uschi. the most photographed pinup in history. Over the years you’ve seen her body. Now it’s our privilege to let you enjoy— and learn from — her mind as well. If you have any questions —about anything — don’t hesitate. She truly …


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