Gent Volume 20 No 07 August 1979

Gent Volume 20 No 07 August 1979

Gent Volume 20 No 07 August 1979 Download Porn Vintage PDF Featuring Ask Uschi: A New Column By Uschi Digard, Plus: Some Pages Of Uschi In Her Birthday Suit, Tool Size: As Women See It, Kellie Everts: A Sermon Preacher With Divine D-Cups!

Lisa says that she can’t see any reason why a woman should hide herself away while she is pregnant because this is a normal and lovely condition for women. “My friends all tell me that I look lovelier pregnant than I did before. There’s something about impending motherhood that really makes you look softer, more feminine and certainly happier,” she says. Lisa is Italian and she comes from a big family.

We asked Yum Yum what she’d been doing since her last appearance in GENT and she says that she’s still just getting along, taking singing and dancing lessons and waiting for her big break. In show business? “In anything, honey. just want to make a lot of money and take a year off and go to Europe which I have never had the chance to do yet.” Yum Yum says that she thinks a year in Europe will give her the refinement and the polish she needs to be able to move up in society. She says that she gets invited to a lot of posh parties now, but when everybody starts talking about Cannes and Paris and Rome and other chic places, she feels out of place. “I want to be able to drop names like that too,” she says. We think Yum Yum is fine as she is.

Gent Volume 20 No 07 August 1979
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