Gent April 1993

Gent April 1993 Covergirl Lisa Chest shows Off All Of Hers! The Hot Debut Of An Amateur Plumpette! The Key To Stiffer Hard-Ons! Beautiful Alyssa Alps Tells All In A Shockingly Explicit GENT Exclusive!

28 POOLSIDE PROPOSITION Knowing that huge-boobed ladies like her come along once in a lifetime, this salesman used all his charm to whet her sexual appetite. Fiction by Del Thomas
42 INTERVIEW SPOTLIGHT ON ALYSSA ALPS Our March ’93 covergirl lets it all hang out in a raucous GENT exclusive. Find out what turns this sexy dancer on, and how you could be the one to turn her on. Interview by E.L. Mullen
68 YOUR TESTOSTERONE ZONE Testosterone is one of the most important substances in your body. It’s what allows you to have erections and, more importantly, want to fuck every pretty girl you see. Article by Donna Powell
82 STRANGE BEDFELLOWS This reporter couldn’t decide which was hotter: watching the senator get it on with his opponent’s wife…or seeing the effect they had on his beautiful, mammothly endowed photographer. Fiction by Lawrence Michaels
74 TAMMY: A GEORGIA PEACH Tammy (40-25-36)
91 CANDIDLY YOURS Alison Marie (53-34-40) Roselda (42-40-42) Darla (41-28-36) Bernice (36-32-36) Mirage (38-24-35)

11 THE BOOB TUBE A review of big-bust videos
25 FISTED FANTASIES Reader masturbation stories

Gent April 1993
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