Gem December 1990

Gem December 1990

Gem December 1990
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Gem December 1990 PDF Magazine Porn including This set of boobs will drive you up a wall! Big and busty, for guys who like big things. Fantastic stunning photos of a mountainous beauty!

Featuring Models:
Evette Connors/Cover as Evette
Julie Davis as Julie
Mary Waters as Mary

Elaine is not new in this business. She has appeared in Gem, as well as several other men’s magazines. With assets like hers we can understand why she’s in big demand. Elaine was first spotted in lower Manhattan, near the Staten Island ferry dock. Would you believe it—she was selling hot dogs and pretzels!

She never told us this before, and only revealed to us at this time because she feels that it was a good business, and she did manage to put away a few bucks. She also added that she gave it up because she would gobble down about some franks each day. This led to an awful increase in her weight.

Since she last posed for us she has been raising dogs. She says that she loves animals, and spends much time at her new business. “But again,” she con-fesses ‘I have to do something about my appetite, the food I feed my dogs smells so good at times, that I am almost tempted to try it. I told my boyfriend about this, and he thinks I’m nuts. I even tried to lose weight by joining a weight watchers program.

But I quit soon after because they told me that I should not bring a hero sandwich with me when coming to classes. In fact they limited my food intake to a starvation diet. “My boyfriend feels that I shouldn’t worry about losing weight because he loves me the way I am. He just wants me to watch what I eat.” We asked her about her pet business. “It’s true what they say about dogs and their masters. Most of the pets I sell do resemble the buyer, in looks or personality.


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