Gaze Volume 03 No 26 August 1959

Gaze Volume 03 No 26 August 1959

Gaze Volume 03 No 26 August 1959
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Gaze Volume 03 No 26 Eyeful of Lively Entertainment! Humorama Magazines. 50’s Girly Magazine Naked/Semi Naked Photos And Sexy Cartoons.

A guide at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City was taking a group of sightseers through its beautiful rooms. As he pointed out the various paintings, he gave a brief lecture on each work of art, along with a shoert history of the painter. “Now,” he concluded at the end of the tour, “are there any questions?” “Why, yes,” said one elderly woman, “how do you ever get such a high gloss on your floors?”

The lovely couple were lolling around in a secluded area of the picnic grounds. Turning to his shapely companion, the handsome swain chirped, “Dolly, this is the fifth picnic I’ve taken you to and I’ve yet to see you wear the sweater I gave you for you.” “What’s the matter,” responded the girl, “are you getting tired of looking at my suntan?”

Acouple of New York counterfeiters made a mistake in a batch of new bills and they came out as eighteen dollar denominations rather than twenty dollar ones. One said to the other: “We’ve got so much tied up in these that we can’t afford to throw them away. What can we do?” The other suggested that the bills be taken to North Carolina for disposition. They loaded their car with the phony money and headed for the hills.


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