Game No 158 December 1987

Game No 158 December 1987

Game No 158 (1987)
English | PDF | 84 Pages | 154 MB

Game No 158 December 1987 Including: Busting Out All Over The Transformation Of Yvonne, When A Women Says No She Means Yes, Annie The Rocket Launcher, Boobs For Sale How Much?

Featuring Models:
Kiki Cunningham as Tina Scans 19 – 28
Annie Ample Scans 48 – 57
Satin Doll = Julia Parton
Scan No 30 = Margaret Wallace
Vanny = Gabriella (1) aka Brett Neilson
Uschi Digard

My desire included him! I wanted something to happen between us. As he held my hands and stared at my heaving breasts a fire started up inside me and I felt like jelly as he began to stroke my soft pliant tiny flesh. He smiled at me and I smiled back. That short exchange seemed to give permission to our lusts. His fingers toyed with my teats and I felt myself surging towards a climax, my whole body melting under his touch.

He bent down and lightly kissed my nipples and then walked out of the room! I didn’t call to him and I didn’t see him during the next few days. I just presumed he’d got cold feet. Sometime the following week I was in the kitchen, dressed in denim shorts and T-shirt when I heard someone walk in. It was Tony! My knees immediately felt wobbly and my titties tingled, craving his touch.

I was so anxious that I didn’t bother playing any games, instead I just lifted up my T-shirt over my head and presented him with my desiring tits. He licked his lips and his eyes lingered lovingly over every inch of my jutting boobs. Then he walked across the room and, taking them between thumb and forefinger, he twisted them round and round, stretching and pulling them until I was gasping with pleasurable pain. I rubbed my crotch against his cock, feeling the stiff rod against his thigh.


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