Gallery August 1986

Gallery August 1986

Gallery August 1986
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Covergirl Brett Photographed by Leslie Turtle
Reality vs. The American Dream
Terrorists In The USA
Girl Next Door: Montreal

6 Right Up Front, 8 About Entertainment, 10 Body Shop, 11 The Great Outdoors, 12 Driving Ambitions, 14 Heroes, 16 Videoviews, 19 Feedback, 26 The Right Byte, 27 Interview: Tim O’Brien, 32 Brett, 40 Terror in the USA, 44 Rock & Roll Girls, 50 Ashley, 60 The Reality of the American Dream, 64 Wet and Wild, 70 Going After Cacciato, 75 Toys for Men, 76 Men & Women, 79 GND Entries: Linda, Kelli, Vonda, Carol, Denise, Rita, Debbie, Susan, Casey, Tina, Mitzi, Shirley, Alisse, , Alana, Linda, and Jeniece., 85 GND Winner: Carol from Montreal, Canada, 91 Private Lives, 104 Liza

The best thing about having a dream is discovering that you have the ability to make that dream a reality. Whether your dream is to achieve success at your job, financial riches, some degree of fame, or something as simple as getting a date with the dream girl you always thought was unapproachable, all dreams can come true if you know how to go after what you really want. This month, Gallery offers you a prime example of how to take a basic dream—the American Dream of owning your own piece of America—and make it a part of your real life. We selected this dream of home ownership because it is essential to the makeup of all Americans. Everyone wants a home of their own—but for years that dream has become harder and harder to convert into reality. Well, the times are changing, and Gallery is here to tell you that with some solid advice (no bogus land deals here), a bit of financial savvy, and some common sense, you can say, “To hell with downward mobility—I’m gonna make it my way in America today!” But it should not seem strange to you that Gallery would be the magazine to help you achieve the goals of your desires. Gallery has been making its readers dreams come true for years. The ‘Girl Next Door’ contest is a prime example of that. With this issue, Gallery starts its eleventh ‘Girl Next Door’ contest—a contest that has made dreams come true for our readers as well as the beautiful women who so graciously submit their photographs for publication. The ‘Girls Next Door’ make the dream of becoming a model their reality. One special girl each year—who you select —celebrates an entire “dream year” filled with dreamy prizes totaling more than $25,000. And you, the reader, get to dream about these gorgeous girls every time you receive a new issue of Gallery. Here’s to the dreams of your future. May Gallery continue to help you make them all come true! —The Editors


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