Frolic Volume 09 No 04 February 1960

Frolic Volume 09 No 04 February 1960

Frolic Volume 09 No 04 February 1960
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Frolic Volume 09 No 04 Retro Porn PDF Magazine From 60’s

TRYING to choose America’s most popular model is somewhat like attempting to remove Elvis Presley’s sideburns and expecting his fans to take it lying down. But we tried. First we sat in at lunch with a group of the country’s top fotogs. The food was great. We had Jack Benny asparagus … no tips. Turkey so tender it reached up and put its wings around us. But that’s all we had. There wasn’t a decision at the table after two hours of talk. Each lensman had his favorites, gals who are in demand. But even our veteran photogs can’t predict the “find of the year,” a real “hot” prospect, that the public will go nuts over the way they do for cars, shows, etc. Then we sat in with some of the movers and shakers of the fashion world, but each had designs upon promoting their favorite posers.

Same story, no dice. We tried swimsuit companies, ad agencies, etc. ad infinitum. We ended up with a pretty jittery stomach due to all the vittles we consumed with the aforementioned … but no definite decisions. Is it really that hard to select the top gal of the United Shapes of America? No! we said. But we later learned that it was and so we are going to let you make a stab at it and maybe you’ll triumph where we failed. The girls pictured on these pages are ones whose names were constantly brought up when lensmen pick the gals who are (M.I.D.) “Most in Demand!” These are the cream of the crop according to the men who should know. How do they stack up with you? Have we goofed on any-one? We’d appreciate hearing.


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