Foxy No 05

Foxy No 05

Foxy No 05
English, German, French | PDF | 64 Pages | 166 MB

Foxy No 05 PDF Porn Magazine Featuring Terry Pepper From Distra Boutique

John is a lineman for the county. Susie is a housewife with a strong desire to see just how he works his pole. She flashes some hot pussy and John is more than ready. Susie unzips him and takes out his hard cock. She licks it up and down the length then sucks it into her pert mouth. She deep throats him then licks his balls. Susie is getting exactly what she wants!

Susie takes her stud lineman into her den of hot sex. After stripping him down, she sucks his thick prick until he spurts his hot cum juice into her mouth. She swallows it all then lays back and opens her shaved pussy for his hungry mouth. John licks her swollen pussy lips and drives her wild. Susie c ums quickly, warming up to the hot, throbbing sex yet to come.

It doesn’t take John long to get hard again. Susie takes his pulsating prick between her big tits and squeezes. John fucks her there and she takes his head between her lips. Susie’s pussy is begging for John’s cock, and he obliges as she shoves his dick deep inside her. Susie screams out with pleasure as he fucks her deep and hard. John’s love pole fills her hungry pussy with throbbing pleasure!


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