Focus On Volume 01 No 02 (1963)

Focus On Volume 01 No 02 (1963)

Focus On Volume 01 No 02 (1963)
English | PDF | 72 Pages | 59 MB

Focus On Volume 01 No 02 (1963) Vintage PDF Erotic Magazine Including Soho: Sin by the Square Mile. The Girl Who Makes the British Lion Purr. Vivian Warren London’s Brush and Palette Club the Girls of London. Male Prostitution, London’s Most Beautiful Model: Allison Harvey, Clapham Junction Camera Club

She knew how to flog her customers and how to bind them up as helpless slaves and force them to perform the most unbelievable indignities which helped satisfy their masochistic leanings. H. E. was one of the more popular girls—leading public figures from all walks of life would pay heavily to be humiliated by this girl who is now a model and show girl in both Las Vegas and Miami.

Currently, British and American intelligence agents are watching H.E., unknown to herself, except if she reads this publication. H.E. can give the names of her customers a roster that would threaten to crumble many important organizations—but she isn’t talking. She admits she is frightened—after she learned that Miss “X” or Pat R. had died under strange circum-stances before she was able to talk!

Mariella was frequently seen in her peculiar leather costume— her waist squeezed until she had a perfect figure. Part of the corporal punishment fetish also requires that one partner ( or both, quite frequently) be subjected to a bond-age symbolism of very tight clothing. Mariella also wore sleek hosiery, the leather garment—the…


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