Fling's 40 No 22 (1990)

Fling’s 40 No 22 Vintage PDF Porn Magazine Froms 90’s Featuring Models Like Honey Bane as Honey Halliwell In Cover, Ora Hazen as Ora Hazelwood, Kiki Cunningham, Millie Minchen & Julie Davis as Sally Ames And More …

I want to continue modeling and doing local telly work, she says. “I’m now living with a bloke who’s in a motorcycle club here in London. So it’s jolly wicked of us when the weekend comes and we hit the road, sometimes going as far north as the Lake country.” Having appeared before in Fling, Kikki hopes to someday come to the U.S. and get into hardcore video. Naturally, the first thing she’d want is a role as a motorcycle mama. Type casting? Probably. The sight of Kikki jumping up and down, boobs bouncing out of her leather gear tends to elicite definite images of lust. Yes—we can see it now. Jumping on a Harley with the wind in our hair, grabbing a handful of tits, sitting behind Kikki, our favorite busty biker.

But the sexual turn-on they yearn for is girl/girl stuff. In fact, after first posing together last year, they have since become roommates sharing a small flat in Chelsea. “We try to give the impression we’re straight,” Milly says. “Blokes are always making comments about how they’d fancy seeing Sally and I together for a randy 3-some.” But 2-somes are what the girls do in private together. “I hardly date,” Sally says. “When I do, it’s with some chap I don’t intend to sleep with.” As popular models, both girls constantly get offers from porno producers to video their lovemaking on camera. So far, Milly and Sally only do softcore photo sets, so we’ll just have to wait and see. Their popularity as a duo continues to grow. Who could ever get enough of this sexy pair of bosom buddies?

Fling’s 40 No 22 (1990)
English | PDF | 68 Pages | 117 MB


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