Flair No 14 (1983)

Flair No 14 (1983)
English, German, French, Dutch | PDF | 84 Pages | 57 MB

Flair 14 Vintage Porn PDF Magazin Eine Neue Dimension

Pietro had come with the idea to work. Ragnar and Christine had rented a small farm, where they live while they are still at Esbjerg. Now it’s summertime and they prepare everything for the winter, when they are studying again. They had made out with Pietro that he should help them sawing some wood. But he is late. The two girls are taking pains to do it alone. But at last he comes. They are pleased to see him. But he is not so eager to start working. His mind is geared for something different! And when Ragnar approaches him, he is embracing her and indicates what he would like.

Ragnar looks at the hairs on his breast and she is getting weak by that! She is quite willing to forget all about working on this nice summer afternoon, she would like to be tender and make “love” as they say. This is very seductive for both girls. They didn’t have any sexual contact for more than one week and between their legs there is this distinct need for something male, preferably a hard cock!


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