Film & Figure Volume 12 No 01 (1978)

Film & Figure Volume 12 No 01 (1978)

Film & Figure Volume 12 No 01 (1978)
English | PDF | 52 Pages | 98 MB

Film & Figure Volume 12 No 01 Vintage Porn Magazine PDF From 70s By Parliament News INC. All Models Are +18 Years Old Or More!

“I play with myself a lot,” says Sheila. “It isn’t the same as having a man around, but when a girl gets real horny there isn’t much else to do. I always pretend that when I’ve got my fingers inside me that it’s really a guy’s tool, and nothing would please me so much as for a dude to come over during one of my self-love sessions. I’d be so excited already that we’d get right down to business—no beating around the bush!”

“Pussies are really nice to look at! I haven’t seen any but my own, of course,” Irene says, “but I like to look at mine. Watching my box as I slide my dildos in and out reminds me of when I’m making it with a guy, and that turns me on a whole lot. Because there isn’t anything that feels better than having sex!”

“Doing it from the front is nice and oral sex is OK, but my absolute favorite kind of sex is doing it from the rear!” says Roberta. “Even if it took a while for me to get into it once I discovered the joys of anal action there was no backing off, so to speak. And with so many guys who really want to do it that way—there’s always somebody knocking at my door. My back door!”


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