Film & Figure Volume 11 No 03 (1977)

Film & Figure Volume 11 No 03 (1977)

Film & Figure Volume 11 No 03 February March April 1977
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Film & Figure Volume 11 No 03 PDF Porn Vintage Magazine A Parliament Publication Slick, Shaved And Ready! For Entertainment Of Adults Only!

The Hindus made no bones about it. Their sacred art was so erotic that, even in the current era of sexual films and photographs of the exteriors of their temples are kept on library and museum shelves. Their graceful spires and columns, dedicated to the most devout purposes, are literally encrusted with what, to a majority of Westerners, can only be called appallingly pornographic reliefs.

Hindu divinities come equipped not only with multiple heads, legs and arms, but with multiple genitals as well. In many of these exterior expressions of divinity, rendered with the most exquisite artistic taste and integrity, these genitals are displayed in coital action, utilizing a variety of acrobatic techniques to express the supernatural powers of their owners.

More primitive murals and sculpture found in the caves of Buddhist monks display equal fertility of sexual knowledge and fantasy. If painted or modeled by Christian monks, such works would have led to instant excommunication.

The odds are six to nine, once you put it in her head, that any chick will figure she can make a sucker out of you—if she’s slick enough. So let her shave her best point. You can still match her —heads or tails—and always come out on top.


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