Figure Quarterly Volume 44 Fall 1965

Figure Quarterly Volume 44 Fall 1965

Figure Quarterly Volume 44 Fall 1965
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Figure Quarterly Volume 44 Fall 1965 is published quarterly. Copyright Publishers’ Development Corporation 1965. Cover and contents cannot be reproduced in any manner without written consent. Editorial and advertising offices: 8150 N. Central Park Avenue, Skokie, Illinois. Subscription price: $6.00 for six issues, plus 52.00 postage for Canada and foreign. Application to mail at second-class postage rates is pending at Skokie, Illinois. Winter 1965. Volume 44. Printed in U.S.A.

FIGURE QUARTERLY is designed a a deluxe showcase for the presentation of nude figure studies created by the world’s best art photographers. Its purpose is to promote better appreciation for the role a camera plays in art — especially when used by lensmen who are not only skilled in camera technique, but also exhibit creative imagination.

In past issues, these pages have been devoted to men and women photographers from all over the world: Andre de Dienes, Peter Gowland, Ron Vogel, Harry Maxwell, to name just a few. For the first time, however, FIGURE takes pleasure in presenting the exciting camera work of a husband and wife team — the talented Rudy and Blanca Kratochvil, who are better known to the world as simply, RBK Studios.

FIGURE had its origin in the early 1950’s, as an annual edition of AP. As its title suggested, it dealt primarily with the nude figure — but not strictly in the photographic medium. To the contrary, painting and sculpturing comprised almost two-thirds of the book’s contents, partly because figure photography, itself, had not yet gained wide enough recognition to stand on its own as an art form.


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