Figure Annual Winter 1963

Figure Annual Volume 37 Winter 1963

Figure Annual Winter 1963
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Figure Annual Volume 37 Winter 1963 All-photography issue, illustrated with black and white female nudes plus color plate. Features the work of Ed Alexander and Keith Bernard. Alexander discusses photographing nudes outdoors, the use of props, etc. Includes beach photos, Nancy Roberts, Nicky Lawrence, Frankie Young, and Vicki Kennedy. Keith Bernard’s prowess as a nudist photographer is matched by his glamour photography skills. Includes a full-page color photo of Diane Webber.

Having seen most of the United States, Bernard decided that the Pacific Northwest was the region where he would begin his career. He moved to Portland, Oregon, and became manager of the photo studio in the Meier and Frank Department Store. After some years, he opened his own studio in Bellingham, Washington, and then moved again to Seattle to purchase that city’s leading photographic enterprise, the Grady Studio. He expanded this into a small chain that was highly successful, until he tired of it.

“I suppose Hollywood was always alluring to me,” he says. “One day, I decided to sell everything and go to California — which I did, quite on the spur of the moment. For one year, I retired from photography and lived on the ocean at Malibu. Then I went to Palm Springs where I had a studio for two years. It was there that I began to photograph the leading movie celebrities, from Gable to Monroe.” After moving to Hollywood, and his present location, Bernard began taking …


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