Fiesta Volume 24 No 08 (1990)

Fiesta Volume 24 No 08 (1990)
English | PDF | 132 Pages | 157 MB

Fiesta Volume 24 No 08 Porn PDF Magazine Featuring Dirty Dancers!, Great Moments In Sex, Wife Of the Month, Devil Women And Much More …!

Fuck On A Fiesta!
I wonder how many of your women readers have been lucked face down over a copy of Fiesta? Not many I bet. Well, it happened to me and here’s my story to prove it. My name is Jacky, I’m 26 and I’ve been married for four years. My hubby is called Nick and he’s 29. I suppose our marriage is typical in that it has its good bits and bad bits. Probably more of the latter really. In our case, Nick is a bit too fond of the bottle, and any woman will tell you what drink doesn’t do for a man’s sex drive — ‘floppy dick’s.

Six months ago I started working for our local news-agent. He’s a Pakistani called Kevin Patel who is the same age as Nick. At least, I call him Kevin — his real name is about twenty letters long and starts off with something like ‘Kevin. It’s my pet name for him. In front of his wife it’s always ‘Mr. Pater. From which you’ll gather that his wife and I don’t get on too well. She’s jealous I think, though until a month ago she had no reason to be. Now, I have to say that I have always found Kevin to be a real charmer — long before I started to work for him.

He’s handsome with a solid physique and gorgeous dark brown eyes. Those eyes of his can almost speak four years ago they told me that he’d screw the arse off me if he ever got the chance. He’s being doing that for the past month now. Until I worked for Kevin I’d never handled any of the so-called ‘men’s mags’. Well, Kevin stocks them all. I started taking quick glances at them when Mrs. P. wasn’t around. But over the weeks I got bolder and started to read them openly but never in front of the wife. I know that this may sound patronising, but in all honesty, I always look forward to each new issue of Fiesta. Its much better than its rivals, mainly due to the excellent letters.


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