Fiesta Volume 03 No 12 February 1970

Fiesta Volume 03 No 12 February 1970

Fiesta Volume 03 No 12 February 1970
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Fiesta Volume 03 No 12 February 1970 A PDF Magazine For Men Adult Entertainment Including Laura Nymphette Of The Glen, Happening In A Dark Room, Glamorous Terry Graham Is The Prize In Fiesta’s Sensational Win-A-Girl Contest

Let us sling off all restraint and swing into 1970 together, as one mad mammary said to the other. And despite the efforts of the manufacturers to counter this cry for freedom with quarter-cup platform bras and the like, you can bet that come summer it is the manufacturers that will be feeling the pinch and not the girls. I met one of my favourite models the other day, the fabulous Miss Jenny Lane on one of her rare visits to the West End from her Finchley home.

Jenny is one of the nicest reasons I know why the new trend should catch on. She hits bra-bursting point at 37 inches. Jenny points out that a lot of models and dancers hardly ever wear bras. Reason is that the straps dig an unsightly welt in the skin that would “look awful in the photograph or on stage.” Jenny claims that not wearing a bra helps a girl’s figure to retain its shape.

The muscles must get lazy if they are being constantly supported, she says. Mind you, pregnant girls and nursing mothers are excluded. Of course, the Twiggy’s have it made. For the most part no-one knows whether they are wearing a bra or not. At least, that’s what I thought until I went to a party in Twickenham the other weekend. There was this blonde wearing a tight fitting blue spotted mini-dress.


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