Fiesta Striptease Special No 03 (1977)

Fiesta Striptease Special No 03 (1977)

Fiesta Striptease Special No 03 (1977)
English | PDF | 64 Pages | 246 MB

Vintage porn magazine Fiesta Striptease Special No 03 (1977). Step right up, folks, and watch beautiful girls peeling for your pleasure.
They’re all the sort of ladies you find in Fiesta every month: sexy, sultry, showy, seductive, saucy, sensual, suggestive anything but shy! It’s the greatest erotic show in town — so come on in and join the fun.

Big in lots of ways: big in heart (and that keeps our circulation pumping away!), big in coverage of interesting and sexy topics, and very big when it comes to uncoverage of well-endowed girls. But you don’t have to just take our boastful word for how good we are. Give us a try for a few months. Don’t blame us if you get hooked on us, though. Just blame us if you don’t. We’re big enough to take it.
FIESTA is another quality magazine published by Russell Gay.

HIPPY ORGY Two ravishing chicks and a lone wolf finish a leisurely supper in a luxury apartment. Negligees reveal tantalising glimpses of two pairs of the biggest boobs you’ve ever set eyes on. The atmosphere heats up. The „lids lovingly undress the man and subject him to their unbrindled lust, finally leaving him drained and exhausted. But they are not yet satiated and you are then treated to the most remarkable orgy of lesbian love ever screened.


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