Fiesta Classics Home Body (Dee Wayne)

Fiesta Classics: Home Body (Dee Wayne)

Fiesta Classics: Home Body (Dee Wayne)
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Fiesta Classics Home Body was a early spin off label of Champ Distributors/Pretty Girls Erotica, based out of Marina Del Rey, California. In the late 70s/early 80s they published many golden age adult magazines and loops under the Pretty Girls, Touch Of Class, It’s A Knockout/Champ/Boxing Glove, Classic Editions, Fiesta Classics, Foxy, and Regency/Crown labels. Later on in the 90s they published Pretty Girls Erotica, Classic Editions Video, Keyhole Video, Kink-o-Rama, Chastity, Prude, and Tramp magazines. As you can tell from scans, this magazine was in extremely rough shape and required extensive restoration using archival materials, but its still a remarkably fine example from the golden age of adult magazines.

This particular Fiesta Classics magazine, “Home Body”, starring Dee Wayne, was originally published under the Regency/Crown label as “Candice”

Inside Stories:
Even though he’d been laid last night by the redhead he’d picked up at the single’s bar, the suck and fuck had seemed to have merely whetted his appetite for more—a condition he seemed to have since his wife, Velma, had split for her lawyer’s office six months earlier. He’d been left with the dog and the bills. She’d won the car and three hundred a month spousal support, which helped pay for her marina pad. The watch said 2:55 p.m. Hardly enough time to get off.

As he reached for a magazine he heard the throttled-down growl of a sports car brake outside. Candice smoothed her maroon skirt over her shapely thighs as she walked up to the front door and punched the bell, teaching herself to be as demure and businesslike as possible. But the little lecture left her unprepared for the sexy sight of Jerry as he stood in the opened door, his welcoming smile warming her, his eyes appraising her appreciatively, undressing her in the process! “I —I’m here to see your prick … uh …I mean the house with the patio and fireplace of brick!” she stammered, feeling naked beneath his damnable blue eyes.


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